It's that time of year when we start the process to elect a new board for next year. Nomination forms are here and were sent home in the Thursday folders. Come be a part of a team that works together to bring activities to Davis Magnet and supports the needs of our students and staff. Davis PTA helps to support many programs
and events.

Please turn in your nomination forms asap. If you know someone who would be the perfect person to serve on our board, please encourage them to turn in their nomination form as well. Our team works closely with Mrs. Flores, Davis staff and fellow parents to support and advance Davis Magnet School.

Please look at list below and consider any position(s) you might be interested in volunteering for next school year and turn your form into the front office by Fri. Jan 25th.

In general, the PTA Board meets once per month.
Email Kimberly Bertrand or Carrie Oliver with questions

PTA Officer and Chair Position Descriptions

PTA President- Responsible for overseeing PTA business and affairs; work with officers and chairs throughout the year to plan and implement various programs, events and activities; help to establish and monitor the PTA budget; prepare meeting agendas; facilitate all PTA board and general meetings; work with the principal on a regular basis to aid in the interaction of the PTA and the school for the benefit of the students, staff and parents.

Vice President- Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer; aid in planning and presiding at PTA board and general meetings; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board; help to coordinate the general activities of various chair committees.

Treasurer- Responsible for preparing projected PTA budget for the year; maintaining financial records for the PTA; preparing and presenting monthly financial reports to the board and at general meetings; disbursing funds; supplying records to the auditor.

Secretary- Responsible for attending PTA board and general meetings and ensuring the recording and distribution of meeting minutes, votes, and other PTA information; keeping said information in an organized and hard copy format for reference.

Membership- Organize and oversee the annual PTA membership drive and the on-going process to encourage membership throughout the year; maintain membership records; report membership info at PTA board and general meetings.

Programs- Responsible for helping to find, plan and implement various programs, events and activities at the school, including Art Masters, Walk Throughs, Family Nights, etc.; work with the Executive Board and the Principal to set up such activities; report at PTA board and general meeting about these programs.

Ways and Means- Responsible for helping to choose, plan, and execute fundraising activities such as the fall fundraiser and triathlon; works closely with committees for these activities; reports at PTA board and general meetings.

Auditor- Responsible for reviewing the financial records of the PTA and preparing audit reports.

Historian- Keep track of pertinent information throughout the year to create historian report for the PTA; maintain PTA bulletin boards.

Parliamentarian- Acts as a consultant to assure that meetings and processes are conducted in accordance with the bylaws; advise on parliamentary procedure during PTA board and general meetings as well as for the nominating committee.

Corresponding Secretary- Creates and distributes monthly PTA newsletters, PTA directory, and various information throughout the year to the school, staff and community.

Financial Secretary- Responsible for verifying and submitting all deposits; creating weekly and monthly deposit reports.

Webmaster- Updates and maintains the PTA page of the school website with all PTA events, activities, information, flyers, etc.; helps to keep school community informed via school computer, bulletin board and social media posts.

Legislative- Attend Council/District round table meetings and report info/topics back to parents and staff at PTA board and general meetings. Attend Sacramento Safari if available to hear about and discuss important current legislative topics affecting education.