Fellow NMUSD Parents,

The Orange County Board of Education is on the verge of approving an untested charter school called ISSAC. That charter school had just been denied its application by our school district on the grounds of:

  • Inferior and unproven academic methods
  • Lack of commitment to special education
  • Financial risks and viability

Our students deserve a great education.  ISSAC has demonstrated to our parents who have attended the NMUSD and OCBE meetings, a sub-par level of curriculum and sub-par level of professionalism by their staff.  We would welcome a first rate Charter School, but not one that does not meet the standards of our district schools.

Our special education students deserve the same great education as any of our students.  ISSAC has not demonstrated a commitment to our special education students in their application or their presentations.

Our school district is funded entirely by our local property taxes, unlike many districts who receive their funding from the state.  That means that the start up costs of $6.8M will directly impact our districts budget.  $6.8M equates to the cost to hire/retain 60 teachers, funding for social services, and many other important costs that would have to be reduced.

Our property taxes could pay for the education of students from all over Orange County, as Charters are not required to prioritize students from the district where they reside.  

As parents who insist on only the very best schools, teachers, and curriculum for our students, we need your help to persuade the Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) to deny the appeal that ISSAC has filed, after it was rejected by our NMUSD Board.

Please help us by sending, mailing, faxing a letter to the OCBE* and ask them to deny the appeal of the ISSAC school because you believe it is not a good fit for our students, nor is it fiscally prudent for our district.  Your letter must be sent this week to make a difference.


*Orange County Board of Education
200 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone:  714-966-4012
Fax:  714-432-1916
E-mail:  ocbe@ocde.us

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