Davis Magnet’s Teacher & Staff
Appreciation Week is all about Mahalo!
(Thanks and gratitude)

Monday, May 6th

PTA provides: Coffee and morning Waffle Bar

Students/Parents: Bring in a flower for your teacher, student teacher & staff.

Tuesday, May 7th

PTA provides: Coffee and morning Protein Day

Students/Parents: Bring in homemade cards for your teacher, student teacher and staff.

Wednesday, May 8th

PTA provides: Coffee, Donuts, Muffins and afternoon Snacks

Students/Parents: Bring in gifts, gift cards, etc. to show your appreciation for our wonderful
“BEHIND THE SCENES STAFF” (Exp: Mrs. Flores, Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Sweet, Mr. S., Mrs. O’Shea, Office Staff, Teacher Aides, RSP Teachers, Nurses, Cafeteria Ladies, Custodians, Lunch Time Supervisors, etc).

Thursday, May 9th

PTA provides: Coffee, morning Fruit Bar

Students/Parents: School Supply Day! –Help restock your child’s classrooms for the remainder of the year with needed supplies. (Exp: copy/construction paper, Kleenex, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, pencils, etc. **Please ask your teacher(s) for their specific classroom needs.

Friday, May 10th

PTA provides: Coffee, morning Treats & Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Students/Parents: Spoil your amazing classroom teacher/student teacher with their favorite things (individual or class gifts). Gift Cards are always appreciated! Need some ideas? “Favorite Things” staff lists are available in the front office to snap a picture or make a copy of.

*Room Moms- please coordinate with your class to have a parent(s) provide lunch daily (Mon. – Thurs.) for your teacher next week. When you do, you might also suggest to those that don’t get to bring it for your teacher, that they bring lunch one day to any of our support staff mentioned above since they don’t have a specific class per se signing up for that.
PTA is providing lunch on Friday.

*Please know these are suggestions - feel free to bring anything you or your child would like to on any day next week to show your/their gratitude and appreciation for their wonderful teacher, student teacher and our amazing Davis Magnet support staff 😊