Madagacar Jr. will be our winter musical, with performances February 28, 29 and March 1, 2019 at the Costa Mesa High School Performing Arts Center. The deadline to apply is November 13th. There will be a mandatory Parent Meeting on Wednesday November 13 at 6:00pm in the Davis MPR or via Facebook Live.

  • Auditions: November 14th and 15th from 3:15-4:45
  • Rehearsals: November 18 - February 27, Monday/Thursday/Friday 3:15-5:15
    • (excluding Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and President's Week)
  • Tech Week: February 24-27 (all cast mandatory): Every day 3:00-7:00pm
4th-6th grade students are eligible. The cost of participation is $75 per student and each cast member will receive a show t-shirt. Payment information will be available at the mandatory Parent Meeting.

Auditions will include a small section of a song that your child will sing (this needs to be memorized), a brief reading from a script (this does not need to be memorized) and a short dance routine that they will learn on their own. Please look over this audition rubric with your child to better understand what we will be looking for.

Your child may select one of the Madagascar Jr. song choices below to learn, practice and, sing at the auditions. If preferred, your child may choose a different song from these 3 choices of no more than 30 seconds, but a backing track (no vocals) must be provided by you for the auditions.

Song choices from Madagascar are as follows:

A dance routine will be taught at the audition. A dance routine will be taught at the audition but you can practice it in advance. It will be 1:12-2:12 of this video.

The lines that your child may be asked to read at the audition can be found here.

The play version of Madagascar is different from the movie, including several songs, and the Junior version is a bit different from the full play. If you would like you can have your child familiarize him/herself with the junior stage version by watching previous productions on youtube, like this and this.

The cost of participation is $75.00 per student and each cast member will receive a show t-shirt. You can pay by check at the parent meeting, or via paypal at this link. If writing a check, make payable to ‘Davis Magnet PTA’, memo line: Madagascar - Student Name.

A note from the director:

I’m excited that Jessica and I will be back at Davis to create another hit show!

I will create a rehearsal schedule based on the availability you give me on your audition form. If your child misses a rehearsal for a musical number I do not have time to go back and add them in. Make sure your availability is accurate.

If your child has to miss a lot of rehearsal, I cannot cast them in a lead role.

I take these plays very seriously, I treat the cast like professionals and want to create a jaw dropping and hilarious production. I can't do it if cast members miss rehearsal. A great show is completely dependent on the cast being rehearsed and prepared!!!


Everyone gets a part, However, if your child wants a lead role or a featured role I need to see these qualities in the audition:

FOCUS! Sing and dance looking out to the clock at back of the auditorium, not to the floor.

VOLUME! Use your biggest fullest voice but you don't need to shout. (Singing out to the clock will help your volume)

PLAY BIG! Especially if you are interested in a lead or featured role, I need to see you make big physical choices. These characters are animals not humans. This is a comedic musical so play with being funny.

DANCE BIG! Dance with excitement. You don't want to look casual or bored. Huge smiles. Even if you watch the cartoon characters in the movie, you will see those characters being silly and smiling! The song is "I Like To Move It!!" Show me you like to move it.

MISTAKES DON'T MATTER! Don't worry about mistakes. If you do a different move, just make it big. Don't even let us know you made a mistake. Then it's not a mistake. It's the performance. SMILE!!!

Show us you are having fun and you will have a fantastic audition! This is going to be a great show